Change your Body in 2016

By now you've most likely already read several articles online, through your email, in magazines or newspapers about how to change your body for 2016. By now, you've encountered the ads for detox, for shaping up, for toning, maybe even for surgery, creams or liposuction.

How about a 30 day fix?

How about 5 easy steps to the perfect body?

How about finally getting what you've always wanted?

Here's the real, unvarnished truth though– diets fail, fixes fail, "too good to be true" fails. How often have you found yourself here, at the end of your rope and at the start of the New Year, wanting to be thinner, healthier, prettier, smarter...

Something, anything?

You already know the answer. Change is necessary in life. It happens when we least expect it. And then change also doesn't happen, especially when we most desire it. Perhaps what we require is a change in our perspective. Perhaps the questions we ask or the solutions we seek are not quite what we need.

As we begin this new year let's ask ourselves some new questions and set some foundational goals, some long term and lasting, some short term and achievable.

What does it look like to love the body I have right now?

How can I demonstrate that in some small way every day?

What does it look like to care for myself as though I am beloved to God, created with intention and love?

How can I demonstrate that in some small way every day?

What does it look like to breathe this moment– to find contentment in the here and now? to give honor and praise to God for the immense gifts in my life? to care well for this beautiful body we've been given, free of shame and guilt?

Don't be taken in by the quick fix, the failing cycle of binge and restrict, the lie of perfection that the culture shows us day after day. Just stay here, in this moment and start where you are– love this body, this garden of you and tend it well. God's blessings to us all in 2016!

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