Distance Learning...

Have you ever thought you'd like to learn to teach DoxaSoma but are unable to travel to the training locations?

We're excited to announce that the Iowa workshop will be available ONLINE.*

Through our collaboration with PowHow you may attend the sessions throughout the days of October 25 and 26th without leaving your laptop! All materials will be shipped to you and also available for download. You simply sign in at the appointed time and we will meet you there in cyberspace. DoxaSoma Instructor and Founder of Doxafit, Angela Doll Carlson will lead these sessions to help you discover what it means to teach the practice.

To register for the online workshop you will need to create an account with PowHow. You may register for the package there and sign in when the sessions begin. In addition to the online live sessions each will be recorded for you to consult at a later date. As an added bonus, we'll include the current DoxaFit online library for you to peruse at any time for class and sequencing ideas!

Please note that in order to finish your certification certificate to teach you will need to sign up for a private 1 on 1 PowHow session with Angela for your practice teaching sessions.

We look forward to catching up with you ONLINE!

*registration opens October 1st, 2014*

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