Morning Sequence: The Jesus Prayer

I have always loved The Jesus Prayer and in fact, I fall into it throughout the day when I'm stressed, angry, tired and even grateful!

Lord, Jesus Christ

Son of God

Have mercy on me, a sinner.

So today I have a new sequence for you. It's a great way to start off your day!

Standing Prayer

Beginning in Standing Prayer, move into Prayer Breathing- "Lord Jesus Christ"

bowing 0276.jpg

Hinge at the hips into Bowing, lifting at the heart and contracting the abs.

Throne 0258.jpg

Bend at the knees into a nice, deep Throne position and hold. Breathe- "Son of God"

HInge into a deep Bow and bring fingertips to the floor, then hands to the floor.

Stone Table 0773.jpg

Step back into Stone Table.

Hold and breathe here, "Have mercy on me"

Tent2 0780.jpg

Pitch up into Tent and hold and breathe here, "A sinner"

Strength 0388.jpg

Bring one leg forward to step into Strength.

Hold and breathe, "Lord, Jesus Christ"

130119 Runner 2265_edited.jpg

Hands to the mat for Runner position.

Hold and breathe, "Son of God"

130119 Endurance  2274_edited.jpg

Bring both arms to inside the leg

either down to the elbows or arms remaining straight,

hands (or fingertips) to the mat for Endurance position.

Hold and breathe, "Have mercy on me"

130119 Champion 2276_edited.jpg

Lift arm of inner leg to the sky, gaze following for Champion.

Hold and breathe, "A sinner"

Bring hands back to mat, step both feet together and rise up slowly through Throne to Standing and Prayer Breathing and finally Standing Cross. Go slowly enough to breathe the entire Jesus Prayer on your way up

Throne 0258.jpg

Lord, Jesus Christ

Standing Prayer

Son of God

standing cross3 0341.jpg

Have mercy on me

a sinner

Finish out the sequence in Standing Prayer and begin the same movements and prayer breath on the other side to keep things balanced!

Blessings to you today!


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