What is DoxaSoma?

DoxaSoma® is a practice which begins a conversation
between the physical aspects of our lives
the spiritual relationship to which we are committed
and the emotional threads intertwining
through the very fiber of our selves.


DoxaSoma® is a physical practice which incorporates
elements of stretching and strength building
with prayer, worship and reflection
upon the Word of God.

The word DoxaSoma is comprised of 2 Greek words:


Doxa, meaning "praise or honor"
Soma, meaning "body"

DoxaSoma was developed in 2000 by Angela Doll Carlson,
an ACE certified personal trainer.

Upcoming Workshops

Chicago, IL 

DoxaSoma Focus & Fitness
Summer 2016
ACE & AFAA ceu approved

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Chicago, IL

DoxaSoma Flow Workshop

"Building Sequences for Fluid Movement"

August 2016

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DoxaSoma Focus & Fitness

Beginning April 4, 2016
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DoxaSoma: The Ancient Path